Cheque Drops

Cheque Drops represent a bit of a mythical anabolic steroid. This is a very unique anabolic steroid, and one that actually holds to whatís often a myth in the world of steroids. Cheque Drops have the ability to greatly increase aggression. With most steroids, the increase in aggression is normally blown out of proportion; however, in this case it holds true. The increase in aggression is precisely why an athlete will use this steroid. Cheque Drops are not used to promote mass, theyíre not used for conditioning effects, and they hold no true therapeutic advantage. Through the increase in aggression they can provide, this simply enables an athlete to maximize his strength Ė thatís the bottom line.

Officially known as Mibolerone, Cheque Drops are structurally similar to the far more popular anabolic steroid Nandrolone. You may know Nandrolone best due to its inclusion in Deca Durabolin. The difference in Mibolerone and Nandrolone is two structural alterations. One makes this steroid available as an oral compound, and the other increases its androgenicity. Due to the structural change that allows oral ingestion, this makes Cheque Drops hepatotoxic, and it is one of the most liver toxic steroids on the market. For this reason, Cheque Drops cannot be used for long periods of time, and thereís really no reason to.

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The best time to use Cheque Drops is right before a competition. Some athletes will only use it the day of the competition; normally, approximately 30-40 minutes before the event. This will provide a boost in aggression, but there is a more efficient means of use. Most men will find 7-14 days of continuous use leading up to an event to be far more effective. Use will take place 30-40 minutes prior to training, and of course, the day of the actual event. If the liver is to remain healthy, there really is no way we can justify use beyond this 14 day mark. And to top it off, thereís no advantage in use beyond this point.

Hepatotoxicity is the primary side effect of concern when it comes to Cheque Drops; however, itís not the only one. This steroid does aromatize slightly and carries a strong progestin nature. This makes gynecomastia and water retention both concerns. However, due to necessary short-term use, most will not have any concern for such effects if they stay within the 14 day and under guideline.

There are also possible androgenic side effects of Cheque Drops such as acne, hair loss and prostate enlargement. Thankfully, these too are normally not much of a concern due to short-term use. However, if you forgo safety in regards to the total timing of use it is very easy to run into trouble with this steroid in an estrogenic and androgenic sense.

Due to tremendous androgenicitiy, women should not supplement with Cheque Drops. Women who use this steroid will almost certainly suffer from virilization symptoms. This steroid can have a disastrous affect on a womanís femininity and use should be avoided.

Through our discussion, we want to take a direct and in-depth look at this anabolic steroid. We want to discover its true nature, and dispel a few common myths about Cheque Drops that have held on for years. For most of you, this will simply be a learning experience. Itís no longer easy to buy Cheque Drops as Upjohn discontinued the product several years ago. However, it can be found in generic form through veterinarian facilities, and there are a few select underground labs that manufacture it.