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Mibolerone is a powerful Nandrolone derived anabolic steroid best known by the trade name Cheque Drops given to it by Upjohn. Well-known as one of the most powerful steroids on earth, Cheque Drops belong to the veterinarian class of hormones and cannot be found on the human prescription market. Around the year 2000, Upjohn pulled the compound from its supply after manufacturing the steroid since the 1960ís. Since that time, Mibolerone is only found in generic form through a private pharmaceutical compounding facilities for the purpose of animal use.

Cheque Drops 101:

Mibolerone is an anabolic androgenic steroid derived from the anabolic steroid Nandrolone. A modified version of the Nandrolone hormone best known as Cheque Drops, it differs from Nandrolone in that it has been structurally altered at the 7th and 17th carbon position by the addition of methyl groups at both locations. The added methyl group at the 17th carbon position allows it to survive oral ingestion, while the change at the 7th carbon position greatly increases its androgenicity.

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Highly anabolic, Cheque Drops contrary to message board myth do aromatize. Many believe this steroid doesnít aromatize, but this is only because use is normally very short lived and they never notice the related activity. Use is short lived due to the extreme hepatotoxic nature of this steroid; more on this later on. While its aromatase properties are not extremely strong, Cheque Drops also carry a strong progestin nature. This isnít a surprise, after all, itís a Nandrolone derivative and like all Nandrolone compounds itís a 19-nortestosterone and carries progesterone traits.

The Side Effects of Cheque Drops:

The primary side effect of Cheque Drops is increased aggression. The relationship between aggression and anabolic steroids is often blown out of proportion, in fact, itís normally a lie, but in this case itís right on the money. However, the primary purpose of use when it comes to this steroid is increased aggression, and when controlled it is a positive side effect. Itís important to remember, aggression in of itself is not a bad thing. What we do with aggression is what determines it being good or bad, right or wrong.

Beyond aggression, due to the mild aromatization and strong progestin nature, the side effects of Cheque Drops can include gynecomastia and excess water retention. This will only occur with long-term use, most will only be using this steroid, as weíll see in the benefits section, for very short periods of time. In fact, this steroid should not be used as part of a total cycle due to its strong hepatotoxic nature. This is an extremely liver toxic steroid due to the C17-aa structural change, and use must be extremely short lived if the liver is to remain healthy.

Cheque Drops can also have a negative impact on blood pressure and cholesterol quite substantially. Further, they are suppressive to natural testosterone production by way of suppressing LH significantly. Androgenic side effects such as acne, hair loss and prostate enlargement are also possible, and virilization symptoms are all but assured in women. Of course, once again we must keep in mind the point of this steroid in a performance sense. This is not a steroid that will be used for any decent length of time, and if it is used for its intended beneficial purpose the healthy adult male will not have a problem with such related effects.

The Benefits of Cheque Drops:

Aggression was discussed in the side effects section; however, this is also the primary benefit of Cheque Drops. The use of this steroid will see a sharp spike in aggression, thereby allowing the individual to maximize his strength. This makes this steroid a great option right before a competition, especially power lifting or fighting. Aggression will increase greatly, but the effects will wear off a few hours later. In order to maximize the effects, most men will find use is best 30-40 minutes prior to an event.

Cheque Drops can also be beneficial in a bodybuilding sense; however, there are better options. Some bodybuilders will use this steroid in order to aid in the final weeks of training prior to competition. This steroid will certainly aid in this process, but itís not going to have any positive conditioning effects, and this often makes it a poor choice. Cheque Drops can also be used during the off-season in order to promote strength, and as a result promote more growth through this increase in strength. In order to achieve this growth, you will need 4-6 weeks of use, and once again this is not recommended due to hepatotoxicity. If a hepatotoxic steroid is to be used for this purpose, it is best to stick with steroids that do a better job of promoting direct growth. And while they may carry a hepatotoxic nature, it will generally be far less than Cheque Drops. You will find steroids like Dianabol to be far superior in an off-season capacity than Cheque Drops.

Cheque Drops really are a one trick pony when it comes to performance enhancement. Theyíre not a great bulking steroid, they wonít provide conditioning effects and shouldnít be used by any athlete for long periods of time if water retention is a concern. This truly is a steroid that is intended for short use, right before a completion. Itís not going to transform you or make you a better athlete right on the spot; however, it will ensure the athletic ability you have within is maximized during any event that might be important to you.